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20 icons for merlin20in20

My icon table generator didn't want to cooperate with me tonight so I had to post like these sorry =)

20 Gwen/Arthur (Angel/Bradley) icons

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[1-24]Bones {8 animated icons}
[25-62]Chuck {12 animated icons}
[63-116]Legend Of The Seeker {5 animated icons}
[117-147]The Big Bang Theory {17 anmated icons}


T1: Photobucket T2: Photobucket T3: Photobucket T4: Photobucket
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[1-34]Bones(it includes animated icons)
[35-65]Chuck(it includes animated icons)
[66-90]Legend Of The Seeker(it includes animated icons)
[91-125]The Big Bang Theory(it includes animated icons)
So I became a LOTS maniac.It is an awesome show, it has one of the hottest couple(Richard&Kahlan) in it.TBBT is awesome but I am not quite happy with the 3rd season.Maybe because I am in love with Penny&Sheldon and they don’t have lots of scenes like in 2nd season.Bones just rocks.I missed Chuck so much <3 and 3 episodes in 2 days was awesome.So end of my story :

t1:-Photobucket t2:Photobucket t3:Photobucket t4:-Photobucket

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The Dark Knight (10)
The Dark Knight actors (14)
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me again :)

It's been like a year I didn't update here and I am very sorry for that.I have been dealing with school/homework etc..
And I miss making icons.I start making some and will update here ASAP :d



I am back from holiday so I'll update my Lj more often
I made some icons I'll post them soon :)
I miss here!

biter so you changed your name! cool I loved the new one ^_^


Happy Birthday to jovi_diva

I don't know if it's a bit early but I just want to sy have great day and enjoy :D
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Shot at 2007-07-18